The Bike Studio

One floor open space apartment with a stylish living room and kitchen, separated from the bedroom through a nicely decorated bookcase. Very warm and cozy during winter and very cool during hot summer days, the bike studio it is the perfect place for couples, families or solo travelers seeking intimacy.

Relaxed on the sofa? Look up, and you will realise this house has a rich history providing protection and peace of mind for more than 240 years. Yes, all these good vibes are passing on to you… So relax, enjoy your book and warm tea, just don’t miss out on things happening in the city.

Oh, the kitchen is fully equiped to make a delicious breakfast, to give you energy to go explore the city and it’s surroundings. On return, a warm bath makes up for a hard day. There’s a lot to discover. So come in, we’re open.



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