The Bike Apartment

If you like colored friendly handmade furniture this is the place for you to you feel like home. Being all in the attic, the warm sun light emraces the two bedrooms that are separated by a shared living room/kitchen with a comfy couch and big dining table. This apartment is just prfect for families or couples traveling to Brasov and the surroundings.

The Bike Room is the one that started the successfull guest house experience for us, and has proven the most popular choice amongst our guests looking for socializing and interaction. The bed has a realy comfortable matress and you also fiind a desk if you need to check those e-mails or work on your laptop. The private bath is only accessible trough the livingroom, has a cool wooden bathtub handbuilt by a 90 years old barrel maker from Sighisoara.

The second Bike Room is our favourite, as it was made to satisfy our need for style and comfort. Built in bathroom with all one needs, lots of space for luggage and a desk for working. It’s all handmade, up to the last detail, as it’s been our home for three years.

All the time we are trying to mprove and modify something in our home, to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so don’t be surprised if some things change. It’s for the better. As this is the spirit of Brasov, always shifting, evolving for a better experience. Use our free bikes to explore the city. Come on, we’re open!

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