The Bike Apartment

If you like colored friendly handmade furniture this is the place for you to you feel like home. Being all in the attic, the warm sun light emraces the two bedrooms that are separated by a shared living room/kitchen with a comfy couch and big dining table. This apartment is just prfect for families or couples traveling to Brasov and the surroundings.

The Bike Room is the one that started the successfull guest house experience for us, and has proven the most popular choice amongst our guests looking for socializing and interaction. The bed has a realy comfortable matress and you also fiind a desk if you need to check those e-mails or work on your laptop. The private bath is only accessible trough the livingroom, has a cool wooden bathtub handbuilt by a 90 years old barrel maker from Sighisoara.

The second Bike Room is our favourite, as it was made to satisfy our need for style and comfort. Built in bathroom with all one needs, lots of space for luggage and a desk for working. It’s all handmade, up to the last detail, as it’s been our home for three years.

All the time we are trying to mprove and modify something in our home, to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so don’t be surprised if some things change. It’s for the better. As this is the spirit of Brasov, always shifting, evolving for a better experience. Use our free bikes to explore the city. Come on, we’re open!

The Bike Studio

One floor open space apartment with a stylish living room and kitchen, separated from the bedroom through a nicely decorated bookcase. Very warm and cozy during winter and very cool during hot summer days, the bike studio it is the perfect place for couples, families or solo travelers seeking intimacy.

Relaxed on the sofa? Look up, and you will realise this house has a rich history providing protection and peace of mind for more than 240 years. Yes, all these good vibes are passing on to you… So relax, enjoy your book and warm tea, just don’t miss out on things happening in the city.

Oh, the kitchen is fully equiped to make a delicious breakfast, to give you energy to go explore the city and it’s surroundings. On return, a warm bath makes up for a hard day. There’s a lot to discover. So come in, we’re open.



The Bike Loft

This is a dreamy 2 level open space loft, perfect for a romantic getaway. We restored it entirely and made it as welcoming as we could. Everything is self-made, hand crafted or refurbished. The ground floor features a broad hallway, a nice and cozy living room and kitchen plus the complete bathroom made for relaxation.

Upstairs, in the attic room, you will enjoy the most comfortable bed. The spatious bedroom features a simple and clean design so you can find that well deserved peace and quiet.

Just 10 minutes away, you’ll find the nicest forest trails to reconnect with nature, taking you to the old city center on a different path, away from busy car lanes. So come on, Brasov awaits. Here’s something extra, to convince you that this is the place you’ve been searching for:


Let’s explore!

What do you say? We can help you organise any little detail of your stay in Brasov, so rest assured you’ll not be missing out on anything this place has to offer.

Check out our tour offers to forget about traffic, full parking lots, hidden atractions or getting in the wrong place to eat. We sorted everything for a great experience. Get in touch with us for any personal request or more Information.

There is so much to enjoy in Transylvania, just be sure to plan ahead and take as much time you can for a well deserved vacation. Or just tag along, for a new experience!

The Bike House begining

I always wanted a house of  my own. I always wanted to be free.

Nothing special until now, as this is something everyone wants. But most people hurry on fulfiling the one that is within their grasp, postponing the other undefinetly. I realised that the only way to get a house at this age, was with a 30 years loan, and that was going to tie me to a desk job for the rest of my youth. The only viable solution was to make it produce the money to cover the bank rates.

So, I started searching for something spatious, old and clearly not refurbished, to get a small apartment for me and at least one studio for renting. It was a long search…

Blue Wood

But it was worth the wait as I ha d found the ideal 250 years old building, simple local architecture with a bonus: a big basement, ideal for partying with friends. But the hard part was just begining, as trying to get the bank to fully understand my vision, in a world where new boring flats are the standard, was crucial to my plans. It was a long and crazy process but it was worth it. Meanwhile, Emil came into my life, bearing not just love and buterflyes, but a lot of passion for refurbishing ruins (perfect match 🙂 ) and a carpentry workshop. Two years followed filled with hard work (office&site) but with a lot of support from our parents we managed to finish a 2-bedroom apartment in time to cath the Airbnb hype, by posting in August 2015 our spare room. Surprisingly, we had a full house onward, with guests around all the time, a lot of late night dinners and local ‘tuica’ drink, we gathered all the money and invested everything in the second apartment. Thus, in march 2016 we inaugurated the Bike Loft, and it was an even bigger success. Airbnb ensured a constant flow of cool relaxd people, so we started renting even our own bedroom for the summer, sleeping over our parents homes, friends and even outdoor. All this to start our 3rd work site: The Bike Studio, and it was ready in record time: the autumn of 2016. Thus, the Bike House was finished.



But the story goes on, as our random bookings made us continue our sleep-over pattern, changing to available rooms in the house, parents places or random (rather imposed) trips around the area 🙂 Last winter we took our well deserved vacation and left to South East Asia for 3 months and relaxed so much that we forgot to stop renting one of our apartments to keep it for ourselves. So, in March 2017, we came back to a house full of nice, funny cool guests but no place for ourselves.

So yes, we moved aut of our home and rented a house for us to stay. Amused, our friends and family always ask us when are we going to do Airbnb here as well 🙂